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How soon should I water my sod after it is installed? How often?

Posted by Jack on Sep 22, 2016 4:55:50 PM

When do I start watering? How do I water? For how long should I water? What time of day should I water? Can I water too much? What happens if I can't water? 

These are the most common questions we answer at Central Sod Farms and they are the most important questions to ask because water is  a main ingredient of your healthy lawn. Following these simple tips can help you to ensure that watering your sod can be another part of the great experience you have with your new yard!

  1. Begin watering your sod as soon as you lay it!

  2. After the first day, water your lawn every day for the first two weeks, in the morning if you can. 
  3. Put an empty rain guage or soup can in your yard to see how long it takes for your sprinkler to fill 1" of water to help you determine how long to water for. Using sprinklers and timers help to ensure even watering  (click order supplies now link below to order)

  4. Water every day for the first two weeks in the late spring and summer months and as needed in the cooler months of the year.

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Once your lawn is prepped and your sod has been installed, our number one recommendation is that you begin watering your sod immediately! This is one of the most important actions you will take to ensure a healthy start to your new lawn. On the first day you will want each section of your lawn to get at least an hour and/or 1.5" of water. After the first day, outdoor temperatures will largely determine how often and how much you have to water your sod.

During the summer months your newly installed sod will most likely require water daily. When planning your watering schedule, remember that summertime watering should always be done in the morning. You want the blades of your grass to be dry going into the overnight hours to avoid Brown Patch. You want to make sure your sod is getting at least an inch of water during these months.  

During the cooler months you may be able to water less. Pulling back a corner of your sod to see how wet/dry the sod and the soil beneath it  will be the best way to determine if more water is needed. The only time we recommend you water less is if you notice puddles of water forming on your new sod.

 Please click on the links below to find more information about caring for your sod in the first few weeks after installation. You can also call us at 1-800-866-1387 if you have any questions!

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