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Start Planning Your Garden Early!

Posted by Ryan Wolfe on Apr 1, 2016 7:35:54 AM

Winter has finally set in here in Maryland, or has it. . .  It is hard to tell what time year it is with the wild weather we have been having. As I am typing this post it is 55ºF and pouring down rain. Yesterday it was 20ºF and snowed 3 to 4 inches. Regardless of the current weather, it is a good time to start planning out your spring yard projects. 

There are several topics to discuss when talking about gardening or lawn maintenance in the spring. You could talk about pruning, trimming, over-seeding, fertilizing and then some. Today we want to focus on your soil. Your soil is the base for all things with roots. It provides nutrients to the plants growing in it and retains moisture for plants to use in between rains or waterings.

Is your soil full of organic materials? Can it be better? The soil you use for your garden or lawn is important because it is the base for all of your plants. Having good soil will help your plants be the best they can be. When looking to purchase soil, think about what you will use the soil for. Will you use it to fill raised beds, fill planters, plant vegetables, fill in low spots or top-dress your lawn?

A Couple of Options

Now that you have considered what your soil will be used for, it is time to think about your choices for revitializing your soil.

Premium Enriched Topsoil (Garden soil) 


Garden soil is a great choice for several applications. You can use it as a base for new seedings or soddings, potted plants and raised beds. It's great for growing flowers or vegetables. This is not just topsoil or fill dirt. It is premium topsoil that is blended with compost. The combination of the two provides the water retention of topsoil with the added nutrients of compost. A great choice for supercharging your existing topsoil. 



Top-dressing is the best option for existing lawns. If you would like to amend the soil under your existing grass without tearing your yard out and starting over you can top-dress. You lightly spread the compost over your yard and rake it in. This helps add nutrients to the soil reducing your fertilizer requirements. Top-dressing is also great when coupled with core aeration. If you have areas in your yard that have low spots you can add a small amount of top-dressing several times over the course of a few months. Adding just a little at a time will help fill the depressions in while allowing the grass to continue to grow through.   



Leafgro™ is great when used alone or when blended into your existing soil. It is made of shredded plant matter including leaves and grass clippings that have been composted into a dark, rich source of hummus. This soil is quite versatile and can be used for anything from potting plants to top-dressing lawns. 

 As you can see dirt is not just dirt. Using the correct soil for your job will assist in achieving your goals. If you have any questions or would like to order soil or compost give us a call, 800-866-1387, or email us, mdfarm@centralsod.com. We offer soil and compost in bulk for pick-ups and 1 cubic yard bulk bags called "Terra Totes®" for delivery. The totes are very convienent because they can be placed anywhere our forklift can go and they don't leave a mess on your driveway or yard like a dump truck would.

For more info on Terra Tote® Bulk Products click the link below! 

 Terra Tote Bulk Products

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