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Mowing Zoysia Grass

Posted by Jack on May 12, 2017 9:06:17 AM

Zoysia is a great choice for lawns in the Mid-Atlantic, as long as you select a cold-tolerant variety such as Zenith. A common question we get is how low Zoysia should be mowed.


Answer: It depends! Zoysia is unique in that it can be maintained at different levels to achieve a different look!

3 inches: At 3", Zoysia will have a very similar look to traditional Tall Fescue grass. Most home lawns should be maintained at this level since it only needs mowing once every 10 days or so, and blends in well with your neighbors' lawns.

1 inch: Zoysia can be mowed as short as 1" with a traditional rotary mower. This will give the grass a more manicured "golf course" look, but will need to be mowed more frequently, usually once every 5 days. This height is commonly used for sports fields and volleyball courts.

1/2 inch: You can mow Zoysia as low as 1/2 inch for putting greens and tennis courts, but you will have to invest in a reel-type mower. Additionally, you will have to mow at least once every 3 days during the growing season to maintain this height. Zoysia may have to be irrigated more frequently when cut this low.

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