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Is There Anything Special That Needs to be Done When Installing Sod in Winter?

Posted by Ryan Wolfe on Jan 4, 2017 9:17:04 AM

What if you have a small patch job you want to complete this winter or your new home is completed and you want to cover your mud hole of a yard? Central Sod is open all winter long, so you can still pick up or have sod delivered to complete your project. The installation process will remain the same with the exception of two changes. 


Exceptions to the Installation Process:

The first exception is fertilizing. In the winter months you do not need to apply starter fertilizer. In Maryland by law, you may not apply fertilizer to your lawn between November 15th and March 1st. 

The second exception is watering. Normally during all other times of the year you would water your new lawn once a day for the first two weeks or so. In the winter you can greatly reduce the amount of watering. Generally you may water you new sod one time immediately after installation. You will want to water your sod deeply for the first watering. In the winter, if you do not receive any precipitation within a two week period from the last watering you may water again. The main goal is not to let the new sod dry out.

If you have any further questions about the installation process in winter feel free to give us a call 410-827-5000 or visit our website CentralSod.com. We are open year round and cut sod daily weather dependent!


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