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Is There An Art To Laying Sod?

Posted by Ryan Wolfe on Apr 1, 2016 7:16:09 AM

Laying sod does not require any art or science. Just a little bit of planning and math. If you are uncertain about the math, give us a call or email and we can do the hard part. There are a couple of tricks to laying sod that may seem like art but are really just  techniques to help give you the best outcome. 


Sod Laying Tips (Art):

  • Follow the proper installation procedures - Kill your existing lawn with weed killer. Roto-till the area. Rake it smooth. Spread starter fertilizer. Install Sod. Water. See our "Installation Guide" for all of the recommended installation procedures. 
  • Start on a straight edge - Pick a straight edge to work off of when beginning your installation. 
  • Stagger the rolls - Lay rolls in a staggered pattern similar to the one shown above. Staggering the rolls will help hide the seams and make your lawn look great from the beginning. 
  • Flip to cut - When cutting around odd shapes use a utility knife or other stiff bladed cutting utensil. Flip the sod so it is dirt-side up and start cutting. Cutting the dirt-side will leave you with a much cleaner cut that will effectively slice through the root system. It is also recommended to use a straight edge when making longer cuts. This will give you a nice, clean professional look. 

For these tips and several others visit our Articles and Tips section of our website or call us or chat with us online! Click the icon below for our installation checklist and instructions.

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