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Is rolling your sod necessary?

Posted by Ryan Wolfe on Apr 5, 2016 4:07:32 PM

One of our steps in our sod installation tips is to roll your new sod. This is not a required step but it is another way to ensure the best possible outcome for your yard. We would not suggest rolling just for fun! It has a purpose. In the stage where you rake the area smooth you want to remove all dead plant material and sticks or roots that are sticking above the topsoil. You want to try to get the area as smooth and evenly graded as possible. Sometimes you will have an air pocket form under a roll of sod. It could be from an area unevenly graded or plant material left behind. These air pockets can let the root system on the fresh sod dry out. This generally will kill the area over the pocket causing brown spots. 




Solution to the problem. . .


If you wish to remove the air pockets, we suggest renting a small push roller from your local hardware store or rental center. They are generally small with either a plastic or steel roller that you would fill with water and push across your yard. We recommend rolling your yard in one direction and then coming back and rolling in the opposite directions. Similar to a grid pattern. 


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