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Installing sod in sandy soil

Posted by Jack on Apr 1, 2016 7:36:34 AM

A note on soils

The Maryland / DC / Virginia area has extremely varied soil types since we are so close to the Chesapeake Bay.  We have red clay in Virginia to clay in Central Maryland, some sandy soils in Pasadena and Southern Maryland.  Most of the Eastern Shore is sand but we also see come clay.  

Installing sod on sandy soil

Installing sod in sandy soil is generally no different than installing sod in other soil types.  You MAY want to add a thin layer of compost or topsoil if your soil is extremely sandy (more than 70% sand).  This will help the sand to retain water in the summer when the weather is dryer.  If you have very sandy soil in full sun, you might consider using zoysia or bermuda grass since they do particularly well in hot and dry conditions.  See our sod comparison here.

Maintaining new sod

Sandy soil dries out much more quickly compared to clay based soils.  This is helpful in the winter since sandy soils will generally not puddle water.  On the other hand, sandy soils need more water in the summer.  Be sure to check the moisture on new sod daily since wet sand one day can be completely dry the following day.

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