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Problem Solver - Dealing with Dog Urine

Posted by Amy Schauber on Jun 22, 2016 7:35:53 AM

Dog urine can be a problem on lawns because of the concentrated amount of nitrogen and salt found within. Because it is the dogs natural instinct to sometimes relieve itself in the same location, training the dog to go on a location where no grass is present is always the ideal solution. However, this is not always an option. Below are a few things you do to reduce the stress your dog's urine may be causing on your lawn and solutions for the areas that may already be dead.


A common myth about dog urine and damaged grass is that the acidity of the urine 'burns' the grass. This is not true. The urine is absorbed by the soil and the roots absorb the urine. So the problem lies in the soil, per se, not the grass itself. An easy solution if your grass has not met it's demise is to simply saturate the area with water to dilute the nitrogen and salt levels. If your dog consistently relives itself in the same area, you may have to also consistently dilute the area. As well, encouraging your dog to drink more water will also help to dilute these nitrogen and salt levels. If you think your grass is already dead, you can still try dilution. Sometimes homeowners will think their grass is dead when really it is severely damaged, but is still in a phase where recovery is possible. Try the dilution method first; if you do not see any changes within 2 weeks, replacing that area of grass will be your next step.

If you must replace your sod, remember to replace the soil as well. For the best measure, remove a few inches of soil AND irrigate the area. You can purchase small amounts of topsoil at your local hardware store. If you need larger quantities of soil, we sell TerraTote Garden Soil in 30 cubic foot increments that can be delivered to your location. Once you replace the soil, seeding or re-sodding the area Will be your next step.

If the area is small, it might be easiest to use seed to repair. Likewise, if the area is large, replacing the area with sod might be easier. Follow the link below to find more information about re-seeding  or re-sodding your area.

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