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How To Water New Sod - 6 Watering Tips To Make Your Lawn Thrive

Posted by Ryan Wolfe on Aug 9, 2017 2:06:23 PM

You did a great job on the prep work and installation of your new lawn. Now what? The single most important step of the process starts immediately after install. . . watering your new sod and watering often. Don't let the heat of summer deter you from getting started on installing the yard you always wanted. Follow the 6 sod care tips below to make sure you are quenching your lawn's thirst!

how to water new sod

 How to take care of new sod -
  1. Use a sprinkler - To ensure you are evenly watering the entire lawn, utilize a sprinkler to water new sod. They are relatively low cost and are a great way to effectively water. We recommend using an impact style sprinkler. Such as the one in the photo above. Impact sprinklers generally cover more area than other styles. 
  2. Overlap - If your sodded area is larger than the area the sprinkler covers you will need to move your sprinkler to cover the rest. Be sure you have overlap between these areas. 
  3. Do NOT hand water - We never recommend hand watering new sod. Even for small areas, we recommend using a sprinkler. You cannot stand there long enough to effectively water the entire area you have sodded. Even if you soak the area. The water will percolate through the new sod faster than the sod can make use it. Remember, the sod only has about 3/4" of soil and root system attached. The roots will grow deeper and deeper as the sod establishes. 
  4. Water deeply - In order to promote deep root growth, water sod deeply. Watering for 10, 15, 20, even 30 minutes is just not going to be enough. Deep root growth will help you in times of drought as it gives each individual grass plant access to more water in the ground. Watering via short, frequent watering will promote shallow root growth.
  5. Apply AT LEAST an inch of water - To help ensure you are watering deeply, apply about an inch of water each time you water. For new sod, you will water every day for the first two weeks or so it is hard to over water during this period. For established sod, it will be dependent on current weather conditions. It could be once a week or every couple of days. Either way, make sure it is a deep watering. The best way to measure an inch of water is to place an empty container such as an empty coffee can or bowl in the area you are watering. If you pay attention to about how long it takes to collect an inch, you can set a faucet timer to consistently water every time. Keep in mind several factors influence watering time. Factors such as the wind, water pressure, sprinkler type and hose diameter. 
  6.  Water in the morning hours only - Watering in the morning hours is a good practice that will help avoid issues with fungus which can happen with the warm humid evenings in the summer. The goal is to have the blades of grass be relatively dry going into the evening hours. Even with proper watering fungus can occur as you cannot control summer rainstorms, but that is a different subject.


As always, if you have any questions or would like clarification on any of the tips above feel free to call us, 410-827-5000 or email us, team@centralsodmd.com


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