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10 Things You Should Know When Installing Sod

Posted by Ryan Wolfe on Mar 26, 2016 8:23:33 AM

 Now that you have ordered your sod and are awaiting delivery, it is time to think about and plan your installation. Listed below are ten things to consider when installing new sod.

These "ten things" should help to answer some of your install questions and show you some tips and tricks that will make your install easier than you thought it could be.




Let's get it rolling . . .or more like unrolling! It always helps to start sodding off of a straight edge. This driveway was a great starting point!

When installing new sod:

  1. Create a plan - finalize prep work, pick a starting point, gather tools, acquire additional labor, get to work! Download our helpful installation checklist by clicking the orange "Get Installation Checklist" button at the bottom of this post.
  2. Rake it out - be sure your area is evenly graded by using a steel garden rake.
  3. Apply starter fertilizer - apply starter fertilizer just prior to installation. Use the recommended rate and don't over do it.
  4. Pick a starting point - starting on a straight edge is best way to begin installing.
  5. Stagger it - stagger each line of sod. Your seams should be in a staircase pattern. This will help blend and be harder for your neighbor to pick out!
  6. Shape it up - oddly shaped areas are almost unavoidable. Use a utility knife or any other stiff blade to cut around these areas. Cutting the dirt side of the sod is easiest. 
  7. Stake or Staple - on heavily sloped areas or areas of high traffic, use sod staples or stakes to secure each roll. 4 per roll should do the trick.
  8. Fill in the gaps - use any trimmings to help fill in any gaps in your newly sodded yard.
  9. Ready to roll - roll uneven areas with a small push roller to ensure good contact between your sod and soil. Air pockets will dry the roots out creating dead spots.
  10. Water water everywhere - water as soon as possible after installation. For large areas, begin watering as soon as you have an area large enough for a sprinkler. For the first 2 weeks water the sod every day, preferably in the morning. You want to collect about an inch of water in a can during each watering. Do not let the sod or soil underneath dry out. They should remain moist for the first couple of weeks.

 Sodding your yard may seem like a tedious task. If you keep these tips in mind and read our preparation and installation guides on our website, you will be sodding like a pro. Never hesitate to give us a call, 800-866-1387,  or chat with us online, http://www.plantsod.com/,  if you have any further questions or concerns. We are happy to help! 


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